Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dinosaur Valley

Here are some photos from our trip to Glen Rose and Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Standing in the middle of the Paluxy River

Feeling the water. At one point he spotted tadpoles and then we saw a frog.

Dinosaur footprints in the rocks to the right.

Hiking with Mommy using the stick his Poppa made him.

 Little guy we saw on the trail.

Don't worry, they aren't real.

Crossing the river on stepping stones.


Nice spot on a trail.  Woods on one side and a field on the other.

Checking out some native plantlife.

Looking across the valley from half way up the mountain.

 The view.  You can see our car in the parking lot.

 Relaxing at the top.

Jack fell and hurt his belly. Mommy gave him some kisses, you can see the lipstick prints.  He wanted to post this photo.

Relaxing with a game of Go Fish at the end of the night after ordering pizza and eating it in the hotel room, which he thought was great. The hotel gave us complimentary cookie, which he also found to be great.

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