Monday, June 03, 2013


Jack got to go on his first fishing trip over Memorial Day Weekend while visiting his Grandma and Poppa. He had been a little obsessed with the idea for a while and he was so excited.

Relaxing with poppa beforehand.

Digging for a worm in the garden.  If you don't know how to catch a fish, let Jack break it down for you ... "First you dig for a worm, then you put the worm on a hook and then you put the hook in some water and in a few minutes, you have a fish."

Looking for a good spot

Showing the boy. 

Poppa ... er, uh Jack catches a real beaut!

Handsome Boy Photo Op

Helping Daddy reel one in.  

That's going on the wall.

Being a big man and tossing them back to swim again.

I think 5 or 6 were caught that afternoon.

Do you think he had fun?


Anonymous said...

Jack it looks as tho you had a great time fishing. Good pictures. Herb

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