Monday, June 17, 2013

Misc stuff

Breakfast outside

He's really been into coloring and drawing lately as you'll see from these photos.

 With his studio assistant

Photographing his work like his daddy.

He and Mommy made Daddy breakfast in bed for Father's Day and then he had to have his in bed too.

Kirby was scared from some storms so Jack gave him some extra food in the living room and he layed now next to him while he colored.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Batman Sighting

Batman was reported being seen perusing the cheese selection at the local Kroger today. It is believed that later he call upon a neighborhood tailor to have his Bat-pant legs let out several inches. The Caped Crusader could not be reached for comment.  However, a source who asked not to be identified stated, "Holy High-waters Batman!"

Monday, June 03, 2013


Jack got to go on his first fishing trip over Memorial Day Weekend while visiting his Grandma and Poppa. He had been a little obsessed with the idea for a while and he was so excited.

Relaxing with poppa beforehand.

Digging for a worm in the garden.  If you don't know how to catch a fish, let Jack break it down for you ... "First you dig for a worm, then you put the worm on a hook and then you put the hook in some water and in a few minutes, you have a fish."

Looking for a good spot

Showing the boy. 

Poppa ... er, uh Jack catches a real beaut!

Handsome Boy Photo Op

Helping Daddy reel one in.  

That's going on the wall.

Being a big man and tossing them back to swim again.

I think 5 or 6 were caught that afternoon.

Do you think he had fun?