Monday, March 25, 2013

School Stuff

Here are a few photos I pulled off his school's Facebook page.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Perot Museum

Went to the Perot Museum a week and a half ago. It was really cool, Jack had a great time (until he got a little crabby at the end). It was so big that we didn't get to see it all. We'd actually like to go back with the boy so we can see everything.

Motion controlled eagle flying.

Frog project.

 Running the conveyor belt, he loved this.

You could have them film you doing a move from a sport (he wanted to do hockey) and then you go over to a computer and watch it in slow motion or watch it side-by-side with a pro doing the same thing.

Playing some jumbo xylophones outside.

 "I was there" photo opt.

Posing with Mommy sand Nana.

 Mommy and the Dallas skyline. He was starting to fade at this point.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Soccer and Stuff

Soccer started back up recently. Jack's actually improving his game. He's focusing better, get a teeny tiny bit of strategy down, he even scored two (possibly three) goals the other day. That new style shirts this season.  They're nice because they look more official, but we don't that like the fact that they don;t have numbers on the back.

Posing with his new look.

Winning smile.

Kicking the ball while "Whistle Girl" looks on.

Team huddle.

The artist at work painting an egg carton fire truck.

Little project where we printed out letters and he created a color pattern along the lines.  Then he kicked it up a notch and decided he would trace the letters with a pencil.