Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Preschool Halloween Party

Introducing... SUPER JACK!  (and Dyno-Dog)

Jack had is big Halloween party at preschool on Monday and he debuted his costume.  The mask and cape were store-bought. Daddy made the shirt (a little big), Mommy bought the shoes and pants, and Nana made the belt and bracelets, I mean "Power Bands".

Kirby's bandana is courtesy of PetSmart's grooming center.

They started off with a big costume parade. And no big deal or anything, but Jack got to lead it. You heard me.
Once inside they did a craft project where they decorated picture frames for a photo they took that morning.

Then they got in a circle and did a little game where they rolled a ball of yarn back and forth to each other and made a big spider-web. Then they passed a stuff pumpkin around while music played.  When it stopped, they got to do a trick.

Jack's trick was the power of flight.

Then they went into the music room and performed a bunch of Halloween songs (Including your favorite and mine, "Halloween Cat".)

Then it was snack time and photo ops left and right.

One with a beautiful princess...

One with a scary beast...

And one with a little girl (tall girl) who I think has a crush on him. He says each day she supposedly says, "You're cute." And he replies, "No, I'm Jack." I cannot verify the validity of these actions but her mom said she does talk about him all the time.

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