Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mobile Pics

Here are a bunch of photos from our phones.

Jack won't let us cut his hair, it freaks him out. So when he feel asleep in car, I cut it myself. Then later during his bath, I quickly clipped the back. We forgot he had ears under that shag.
Leading the way on a walk.
Walking with Daddy.
Zonked out.
Enjoying some "Special Agent Oso" on the video screen in the super cool Tom Thumb shopping cart.
Oh, he liked this.
Every toy he owns got into a crazy traffic jam.
Looking blurry but cute.
Can't believe the boy climbed to the top of this thing in the McDonald's playroom. But the moon buggy was calling to him. It's about three stories tall in kid world. He went up and down so many times.
The boy letting out his inner singer/songwriter. I (Daddy) sing James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" to him when I'm putting him down at night. He can sing along pretty well with the first verse. I played the video for him one day on my phone and he immediately needed his chair/mic/guitar set-up to match James Taylor.
Sporting Dad's old Yankees hat that he wears when he mows.
Enjoying his first ever cake pop.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pictures from Chloe

Here are some great pics Chloe took with her cool new camera. These shots have finally convinced us to invest in a nice camera. After the photos from Kelly's, Tim's and now Chloe's cameras, we're taking the plunge.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Out back with Kirby

Easter Part 2

More Easter festivities. Egg hunt between the houses with Gracelyn. They seem a bit confused on what to do.
But they figured it out. Hey, jellybeans!
Jack and his goodies from us.
Nana and Papa made an Easter basket out of a shopping cart. And he got some golf clubs.
Jack trying his first ever Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Probably not wise of us since we're both addicts. Bet it's hereditary.