Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arboretum and Easter Part 1

Heather and Jack went to the Arboretum the other day while dear old Dad was stuck at the grindstone. This trip provided Jack with some of his favorite things.

#1 Smelling flowers. Can't get enough.

#2 Music. A free music class. What's not to love?
#3 Petting animals. These photos might as well all be captioned, "Hey there little fella!" (like he says to Kirby)

He also climbed some stairs, which he could take or leave.
We met up with our neighbors at the City of Allen's Easter event. We waited in line for 15 or 20 minutes so Jack could get his photo taken with the Easter Bunny and then he changed his mind once he got a good look at him. I think he felt he was "shifty". He did however, brave the dizzying heights of the rock climbing wall...
He also enjoyed a balloon (with Gracelyn) until it popped. Then we saw the saddest face that ever existed on the face of the Earth or any other known planet, or solar system or galaxy or even beyond. But he got a replacement one and balance was once again restored.

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