Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zoo Day 1

The Dallas Zoo lowered it's admission price to $5.00 during February. It was such a good deal, Jack got to go two days in a row. We all three went with Nana K. and Papa K. on Sunday and then Jack and Heather went on Monday with his buddy Michael and his mom and dad. Also on Sunday, his neighbor friend Gracelyn and her parents showed up and we ran into them a few times.

Here are the highlights from Day 1.

Riding the monorail
Goofing around
Yeah! I LOVE the zoo!!!
Turtle rides were free
Jack joined an Asian Kangaroo gang for a bit
Checking out a huge bunny
Joe Cool and his Mommy
Posing with Gracelyn
Snake interaction
Zonked out at the end of the day
This last one is not a cute grandson shot, but I thought it was too impressive not to share.

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