Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Stuff

Super Hero Sidekick
Handsome Boy Modeling School

Reading his first issue of his subscription to High Five that Gramma and Poppa got for him.

Combined all three of his train sets to create Mega Track™

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Laughing at Snowballs

Texas State Law #BR549-WB5NGT

"If any visible accumulation of snow is found on the ground for even the slightest amount of time, it is unlawful for parents not to drag their kids outside to photograph them."

We want to be in compliance, you know?

Eating snow. It's his signature move...
Leading Michael on a trudging trek across the arctic tundra...

Snowman Project and Train

Jack got to do a craft project. Heather glued down a the marshmallows to make the circle and he filled in the rest.
The finished piece...
Then he got to eat the remaining art supplies mixed with some Cheerios.
He also got a train set from GG Ma and GG Pa which can connect to the one Mimi gave him and the one he already had. He is now officially a railroad tycoon.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Been a while

Out for dinner last night.
Just a few of his cars.
Measuring cabinets at the Depot.
Three guitar jam session.
Buzz, Plex and Woody visit the recording studio.
First day of school. Just kidding.
Playing with the train Mimi got him....
Buzz Lightyear Intergalactic Space Painter
Me and the boy at Christmas