Monday, July 12, 2010

Haircut and Other Happenings

We broke down and took Jack to get his haircut. It went pretty badly again. But it's done. Here is a before and after comparison.

Sportin' the hat Poppa and Gramma gave him...
Playing with Michael. I was told that Michael would hand Jack a block, Jack would say "thank you" and add it to the structure they were building. I did not witness this, so you'll just have to take Heather's word for it.
Something else I didn't witness. Heather took him up to one of the shopping centers in the area because the Heard Museum has these events where they bring up some of their animals so that kids can meet them. Here's Jack checking out a Bearded Dragon and a Boa Constrictor...

Jack breaking into an old timey vault. He made off with $27.50.

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