Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carousel and Lizards

We met up with Nana and Papa K at the mall and let Jack ride the carousel for the first time. We were a little worried he might get freaked out by it and not want to do it. But, he loved it. So much that he almost got upset when we had to get off. From the second we got in line, he was signing and saying "please, please, please" pointing to it. He was giddy when I sat him down on the horse, bouncing up and down laughing out loud. Each time we'd go around, I'd get him to wave really wildly at Nana, Papa and Mama. He'd scream and laugh and wave each time. One in the win column.

He also went back to see more animals last Thursday. Here is encounter with a Blue-tongued Skink Lizard...

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