Monday, December 14, 2009

Jack's Shiner

Here are few shots of Jack's swollen and bruised eye. As well as the culprit. They are cel phone photos we took while he was napping in the car so they aren't the best. If you don't know the story... Last night, just had a bath, just got in to PJs. Wind-down time. So excited to be walking around with his book, shaking it up and down. Bam. Right into his eye. Huge protuberance on his eyelid, nice and blue. Trip to the after hours kid care place. Luckily, no eye damage, just a big honkin' bruise.Speaking of cel phone photos, here is Jack just chillin' and watching some tube with Sidney Cat.And here is a funny video of Jack taking a bite of lemon. Nana K gets a big laugh out of it.

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