Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Few New Ones

First up, a shot of the crew I run with, all relaxing on the back porch in the nice Pre-Spring weather. They're a good looking bunch for sure, but you don't want to cross them. The girl will toss that bottle of bubbles right in your face if you look at her sideways.
Next we have Jack and his first ever Bonus Gift. We got him a subscription to "Wild Baby Animals" (or something like that) Magazine and as a free gift he got a little animal plate, fork and spoon set. He seems to enjoy the plate a lot. The fork did not go well. We shouldn't have left him alone with it I suppose. (Yes Mom, I'm kidding. No need for a phone call.)
Lastly, even though it's extremely blurry, I think you can see how much fun he was having with his cereal tonight.

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