Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby Shower

Thanks to Heather's parents, Lesley, Amy, Chloe and Heather W. for throwing us a baby shower / cookout this weekend. We had a really fun time. Thanks to everyone who showed up and thanks for all the great gifts. There were so many I was worried Heather was gonna have a hard time loading them into the car while I napped. Especially that high chair...the box was huge.

Chloe posted a ton of photos... check them out here.

Here are some...

Heather's parents and us...Heather and my parents...
Some of the entryway decorations

Diaper cake. Looked really cute. Tasted really bad...
Real cake, looked great, tasted great...Heather getting ready to open gifts...Me getting some practice in with baby Hannah. She did most of the work.

Belly Progress

The top photo was taken during week 32, I think. The one below it was taken on July 4th at 31 weeks.