Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jack's Chair

This week, Margaret Streicher and Liz Butler hosted a baby shower for me. It was so incredible and Cal and I are so thankful for how thoughtful and generous everyone was. I will post more photos from the shower later. This rocking chair is one of the gifts we received. It has been in the family for over 50 years. It was mine when I was little and my mom's before that. It was also used by my Uncle Rick, Aunt LeAnne, Uncle Jay and Aunt Cindy. My mom has been working super hard to refinish it and paint it for Jack's room. It looks amazing and we love it! Thanks mom and dad!

Belly Growth

Here is what I've been looking like recently. This one is at 27 and a half weeks...
This one is at 29 weeks...
This one is at 30 weeks...

Jack's Room Coming Together

Here's the room before we started. It was a guest room but we took all the furniture out and moved it to Mom and Dad's. It's was pretty bland in there.Here is the room after we painted and put up the ceiling fan.  Dad helped me do the fan.  Cal was off filming a movie for the 24 Hour Video Race of Dallas.  He and his friends got 2nd place!
This shot is after we put up a chair rail and "crown moulding".  Our crown moulding is actually upside down base boards, but they look nice.
And here are some shots of the room with his furniture in place.  If you look closely, you can see Kirby and Sidney checking things out.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bunch of Quick Updates

We're in the third trimester now and had a doctor's appointment today, everything looks good and is progressing right on track.

We painted Jack's room blue and white. My mom and dad helped us install the the ceiling fan, crown moulding and chair rail. We'll post photos of the progression soon.

We picked up the glider and the ottoman and put them in the room. The rest of the furniture should be delivered within the next couple of weeks.

Cal added links to our registries over on the right of the page.

Chloe bought us a crying babydoll to help get Kirby dog used to the sounds of a newborn. Thanks Chloe!

Cal is creating special Baby Jack playlists on his iPod and bought some headphones to put on my belly so he can listen.