Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Bedding

We are in the planning stages of getting Jack's nursery ready. This is the bedding that we have picked out. There is lots of work to do to the room -- we are going to put up a ceiling fan, install crown molding and a chair rail and then paint the walls. We've decided on blue above the chair rail and white below. The main colors in the room will be light blue, white and brown. More photos to come as we make progress!

Clothes from Grandma and Papa

Also from Grandma and Papa Slayton were all these adorable clothes, a sweet little blanket, burp cloths, spoons that change color depending on the food temperature, a teddy bear and a rubber ducky! Everything is so cute. We just can't wait for Jack to get here! Thank you Grandma and Papa Slayton!

Books! Books! Books!

When we were up at Cal's parent's house they gave us some gifts for baby Jack. Here are several Dr. Seuss books -- a great start to his library! We can't wait to read these books to him. Thanks Grandma and Papa!

Baby Kit from Great Aunt Jonnie

This is a gift we got from Cal's Aunt Jonnie when we went up to visit his parents over Memorial Day weekend. It's a wonderful kit full of lotions, creams, washes and ointments! Thank you so much Great Aunt Jonnie!

Baby Bump - 25 weeks

Here's Heather sporting her baby belly, she's still tiny. This was taken up at my Mom and Dad's place in Missouri over Memorial Day weekend.