Sunday, March 28, 2010

Art Project

Heather put together Jack's first art project. She says "craft", I say "art". Let's call the whole thing off. Anyway, she cut up a bunch of leftover streamers and tissue paper we had into little squares, then had me draw a big egg on three sheets of card stock. Then she put glue all over the eggs and gave the little squares to Jack so he could put them on the glue and decorate his eggs. At first, he was fairly reluctant to participate. I don't he saw the validity of the exercise, but after a bit, he really got into. Check out the intense concentration on the artist's face and he challenges your preconceptions of what egg art can be. He makes Jackson Pollack look like that elephant that paints over in India.

I'll try to post some photos of his easter egg hunt in the next day or so.

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