Saturday, December 05, 2009

Jack and The Christmas Tree

Here is Jack seeing the Christmas tree for the first time. When he first came out, it was like it wasn't even there. He was too busy pointing at "Dog" (not the Bounty Hunter, he'll never find me, but Kirby) who was looking in the window from outside. Then he finally noticed it and was kinda just staring at it in awe. Then he noticed the shiny "balls". At least we were smart enough to buy non-breakable ornaments for the lower level that he can reach. But he actually ignored it the rest of the morning and played with his regular toys. Hopefully he won't be too interested in it over the next few weeks.
Look closely and you'll see me in the ornament. Thank goodness I'm wearing pants...You'll here me saying "No" and "Yeah, that's a ball" here... video
Bonus photo of Jack trying out new seating options...

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